X-Files in Contact Centers:
The Mailien Revolution

Mailien is an efficient solution that supports decision making and even enhances processing speed and answers incoming messages, e-mails or any textual information in Contact Centres.

Mailien Description

Mailien is a decision support system which boosts the workflow by analysing textual messages and automatically distributing them into their suitable processing channels. Mailien is more accurate in deciding on the most appropriate channel than human workforce which tends to deteriorate in monotonous processes. Instead of making mistakes Mailien can be indecisive - in these cases it tags the texts with suggestions and forwards them to human supervision. It is all up to the settings the consumer makes: it works fast and accurate and when there is a judgement call, it hands it over to human decision with suggestions. Mailien supports the decision making with suggestions and possible similar former decisions.

Mailien relies on a revolutionary new patented technology which works on every language and is not bothered by typos or grammatical errors.

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Contact Centers

customer satisfaction

Mailien helps to maximise customer satisfaction while optimising resource allocation and aspiring cost effectiveness. Mailien aims at facilitating the management of incoming e-mails by faster and more accurate document distribution. Faster processing prompts earlier answer and results in customer satisfaction.

cost effectiveness

Mailien strives for cost effectiveness by automatizing part of the customer management where human resources were needed before.

agent engagement

Mailien helps in agent engagement by taking over some of the monotonous and repetitive tasks in order to concentrate on the essentials. Business management automation might provide useful statistics to management while it can practically turn into a drag for agents doing the actual work. Our solution supports human creativity and recognition: in our system human decision making is supported by showcases and statistics. Nevertheless efficiency statistics are generated for the management promoting further decision making processes.

Maximize efficiency

Mailien connects to the main IT infrastructure through an Application Programming Interface. The user interface makes an integral part of the running system omitting the change of the Customer Relationship Management system. Part of our efficiency lies in our solution as an integrated module and not requiring either infrastructural changes or lengthy learning processes. Most of our processes are hidden from agents and only a few new features has to be trained. The introduction of our solution leads to immediate cost reductions. It has numerous success factors: speeding up processes, enhancing agent engagement and cost reduction.

Speeding up

Enhancing agent


While human decisions are only 86% accurate in monotonous environment taking up to 10-15 seconds per action, Mailien processing 100% of e-mails can reach more than 97% accuracy treating minimum 1000 texts in 10 seconds. To reduce the incorrect decisions to practically 0.01%, the system can be set to give more suggestions to human decision making in which case in average 38% of e-mails are tagged with suggestions and not automatically processed.

Maximize benefits
with Mailien

The main benefit of Mailien is twofold:


on customer level a faster service is experienced which leads to better service quality,


on agent level it positively affects the degree of performance and engagement indicators.

Human resources can be reallocated to achieve optimal cost efficiency. According to our operational figures which can be found in the attached documents with a setting of 1% limit of error, automatically categorised e-mail account for 86% on which the reduction on Total Cost of Ownership is significant. The pre-processing time is reduced by 75% and however, installation and training costs stay within the gain for pre-processing. Basically, the software pays for itself. As an added value we can also process these data anytime. According to our experiences these e-mail information are rarely used in profitable ways and are essentially data cemeteries. Data processed by Mailien gives access to structured and searchable data which can lead to different service activities. Behavioural patterns can be traced and consumer attitude can be predicted which leads to another dimension in services enabled by Mailien.


Should you be interested to learn more about Mailien please contact us. We are ready to deliver a more detailed introduction & demonstration session where further customization possibilities will be presented to suit Your needs which may open up new business directions.